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The obstetrician and gynaecological surgeon Dr Fotios Gkoutzioulis is a member of The IVF and Infertility Centre in Thessaloniki. The Centre was founded in 1985 and operates in the Interbalkan Medical Centre in Thessaloniki.  It was one of the first two units in Greece to carry out IVF treatment.
The IVF and Infertility Centre is staffed by a team of specialist doctors each of whom has many years of experience in the field in the top fertility clinics in Great Britain. Since it was founded, the team has always had a consistent role in the area of assisted reproduction and its fundamental aim is to simplify IVF methods. The team was one of the pioneers of transvaginal oocyte retrieval in Greece. 
The extensive experience of the doctors and other staff employed at the centre and their high level of educational achievement act as a guarantee of the excellent level of services provided by the centre.